Food based engagement design

HCMA Architecture + Design is always keen to find new ways to stimulate their staff’s creativity. Through their artist in residence program they’ve learned to expand their skills in creativity and collaboration by actively engaging in the artworks. Annabelle Choi is a food based engagement designer who shows us just how taste and smell can nourish memories.

Our involvement

The artist in residence program at HCMA is quite special because of the depth of involvement by the staff. These aren’t just decorative arts, but rather a way to inspire, teach and involve everyone - values that the brand hopes to convey in everything they do. I came in to capture a glimpse of their collaboration with Annabelle, and to create a slice of life within the walls at HCMA through this heartwarming and sharable video.

Services used:
Film Production
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

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