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Holiday home tours for charity

Kids Help Phone is the only national hotline for young people that's available 24/7. Their Vancouver chapter's annual fundraiser, "Homes for the Holidays", is celebrating its 16th iteration. Patrons are invited to tour beautiful Vancouver homes redecorated for Christmas by award-winning designers; whereby, people can take home ideas for their own holiday decorations while proceeds go to Kids Help Phone. To keep things safe in 2020, they had decided to take the tour online and turn it into a virtual experience. This necessary pivot quickly became an exciting opportunity to add storytelling to the experience in ways that weren't available in the live-tours.

Doing it with heart

We were asked to bring the tours online by creating a video version of the live experience. The project was ripe with the potential for magic by refocusing just a little bit on storytelling. In the real tours, you wouldn't have the opportunity to speak to the designers or hear about the history of the homes. We added a number of fresh ideas to the original ask, bringing the show to an entirely new height. Nathan Dennis (the guy who designed this site) also came on board to collaborate on the custom landing page for the online experience:

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Brought joy to our viewers

It was such a rewarding experience embarking on the journey with Kahani Films. From the first call with Inder, it was clear that his vision for our project aligned perfectly. The seamlessness of his process, beginning with a comprehensive branding exercise, creating filming timelines that suited our team, to a straightforward review process in post-production, made the entire process very inclusive, achieving the desired result: an entertaining and informative story that brought joy to our viewers. At all times Inder and his production team were highly professional, ensuring the final product met with everyone’s approval. We are looking forward to making this an annual production with Kahani Films!

Kids Help Phone team in B.C.

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