Big dreams for a little farm

Purity Designs is an award-winning interior design company that's headed by Sydney Carlaw. Her values of family, faith, and beautiful design permeate throughout her work, so much so that Purity's office is located on the Carlaw family property: a beautiful five acre garlic farm nestled in Langley, B.C. When Sydney first moved to the farmhouse, it was a quick decision made in good faith that being in such a beautiful place would be a healthy transition for herself, husband, and two young daughters. The catch being that the house on this farm wasn't exactly sized for a growing family. Having to all share one bathroom (which is also the laundry room), things begun feeling cramped as Sydney's daughters grew into their teenage years. So they decided to expand their little farmhouse into a larger home that could be the place of dreams.

Our Approach

Sydney had reached out to us to capture the process of the expansion. Over the course of two years we would visit the farmhouse to see its progress, but quickly came to realize the story behind the story being about Sydney's passion for living her values in and out of her work. The experience of the build, the challenges and setbacks, the triumphs and excitement, all came together into this four part miniseries that will be a forever keepsake for the Carlaw family. We feel so honoured to have been involved in capturing this moment of their lives.

Services used:
Film Production
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

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